And I'm fittin’ to put my city on the map now
Gunning for the top never back down
Line outside the door, like a trap house
Gunning for the top, play the background

I can't even front i only run with real ones
Feel dat 808, u know we in the build
I'm a florida boy dont ask me where i come from
Give my life away to care of my lovd ones
We just got one life, can be gone in a blink
Yea thats why i do right, bring up my family and my team
Man we just got one life, can be gone in a blink
Yea thats why, i do right

I do this for my squad, I do this for the love, I do this for my team

I been gunnin for the top, put it on my momma
She put me on the word, that's why i gotta fight my drama
Go against the grain, that's what she always talkin bout
Don't follow dem, and know they gunna shoot u down

Do it for my squad, do it for my team,We want the same thang
When one goes up, we all go up, thicker than thieves
Do it for my squad, yea i do it for my team, We want the same thang
Do it for my squad, do it for my team

Swear i'm only runnin with the real ones
I can't even front,
Trying to get it each and everydays a must
Yea see us washing off the mud mayne
From the bottom where we came is all love


See me boomin see me saucin,
Ride around in my city mayne
Pull up on bout 50 lames, saucin,
Ride around with my pretty thang
Ima pull up on bout 50 lames

50 lames on the block when we roll by,
They gon hate on u, in donk or a rolls royce
407 got my back, flip that rally cap
They jus wana see me grind put us on the map
Burning that midnight, won't stop until the sunlight
That's how we do it, how we keep our grind tight
Bright skin bc my king want me to shine bright
Gotta get back up if u wana win that fight
Keep saucin

Saucin it homie we doin it right
Doin it homie we doin it right
Oh, oh saucin on the haters mayne
I don't care because they all too lame, we saucin

I can't wait to shut up all the naysaying
He say she say, see us on the mainstage
Is u really livin what u talk about
That grace is loud

They think they lost me cuz i'm on now
I'm on now, i found out
They trippin some of them thinking that i've fallen off
But i'm on now, come find out


O town we be cray
MIA be cray
Duval y'all be cray
Tampa yall be crazy man

Pull up on em we sliding, heavy chev we riding
No rims on it, 5.0 profiling, said we
Pull up on in silence, u can see my milage
Ain't neva guna quit, see me coming young lion

No one thought that we could do it, yall ask the science,
Aint nuttin but drive and whole lotta grind, my God’s the giant
Never think u dont need guidance, yall aint the pilot
Go ahead sit back, in about 2 hours, we’ll hit my island

Keep on ridin, 95 goin south
Homie we be vibin, with one gold up in my mouth
Woodie always grindin, bringing hope when there's a drought,
Love is timeless, and it murders all my doubt

Cause i know that i'm here for a mission and a purpose
Cant waste no time, so i keep workin
The pursuit of happiness got me striving to keep learnin
Passion in my heart yea thats why i keep it burning

Livin like we loco and we know it
Always on a mission we can't slow up
Knock me down but one day ima go up
Never stop til florida has some snow man


A1 all the time im so saucey
A1 all the time

See me climbing up we on da rise
Been are crazy last year so i ain't guna lie
Hit my highest highs and lowest lows of my life
If u think that ima lay it down u dead wrong, ima grind

Me and my homies is ridin, we ridin, we burn babylon we light it
Here wit a purpose, to carry the burden, we get up, we stand up, we fight it
Everyday clearing our mind
Love in the air in the sky

Got places to go go, Get in if u down doe
A 1 on the low low, All love that's foe show doe

Dey don't do it like we do it, i promise u that much.
I don't rely on man no, i don't rely on luck
Cut da roof off da chevy, so i put it in da trunk
My people workin for the man, so i'm never giving up

Me and my woddies we rippin and dippin, and winnin,u know that we bout it
Me and my woddies dont trip on nobody, you know that the lame be loudest
You know that i took the vow
Mi bossmon in the clouds

ending That was the old me, gettin so anxious
Now is the new me, growin in patience
My city behind me, they say that i'll make it
They know what my name is, i'll show em what grace is
show em what grace is, Stop all the hatred, show em what grace is


v1 I been all over, one time had shofers
I priced out rovers, gotta be more
Felt hi when sober, been low like stoners
Cold heart like polars, gotta be more to life

I seen you walkin to the bus stop
Even in the rain, wet but u dont stop
Don't matter what you do or what you don't got
I know that, u know that

Bless up for the ones doin what it takes
Hard work always put food on the plate
Keep going head strong, God’s never late
I know that, u know that

All that i know is that my vibe is all about freedom tonight
All that i know is that i gotta leave all my worries behind
All that i know, all that i know, chasing freedom tonight
All that i know is that we gotta go out and get--go out and get it

V2 Don't let them lower, weight on your shoulders
Wiser and older, gotta be more
Keep dodging boulders, you're getting closer
Don't be a loner, gotta be more to life

Go and get it yea go and get it


Go to work,
You ain’t even know it, but i fell for you shorty
Gotta let u know i miss it, cuz u make me feel lifted

Go to work
Make me feel a way, wana give u my name
Give u everything it's worth it, u da only one make me nervous

Take my hand baby girl let's go,
You know life's too short
Don't you miss the boat

Take a chance if u wana know
Baby girl lets go
Don't you miss the boat
See ya run on run on

Woke up feelin golden, cuz i know that it's my time
Waitin for this moment, I been prayin my whole life, i know i

Gotta get up out this hole, I dug myself in deep
Feel the pressure, now or never, fueled by more than greed

Taking off fast, man it doesn't seem real
Never had help, not waitin on a deal
On my own time, on my own grind
You know we ain't ever gon’ quit

Everybody round u may not see it,
Keep on goin’ one day they’ll believe it
No more waiting for the perfect season
They just guna talk so give em reasons


Babe i got too much time, lost in my head
Think of all the things that i wish i woulda said 2x

I’m about to pull up...

What i was on,,, man,,,i move too cautious
Too scared to give my heart, and i drug my feet so i lost her, Oh man
Always think the grass is much greener
But i’ve learned it's not what it seems

Now i got the blues, i didn't know it
Beneath it all i see a diamond in there glowing
Took a minute but i'm learning all this slowly
An ounce of hope and my faith just keeps me going

Pack your bags, and your passport, we gettin on the next flight
Take my hand let's jump at the same time
Tell me what u want inside your dream life
Prayin that we’re only led by the light

Everything i dreamed of, more than anything i needed, ur my babe
It's been too long since i've seen ya, and i don't know, no i don't know
What to do with all this pain


Wake up the silence
Girl u know I 2x
Been Trying my hardest
Why are we fighting 2x

Wont let me back in
It's not like I blame ya 2x
Pain from the same sin
Pray for redemption, i need redemption

Just listen, u always be talkin when i be talkin, i need u to listen
I don't want no one else, give you nothing less than, than one hundred
You're worth more anything, that's why I call you queen, Babe you're gifted
You've never heard me talk this way, if u could hear me pray

Feels like the storms passed
Healing with time, 2x
Didn't think i'd last,
A part of me died, it needed to die

The world could not break us
See through the lies,Follow the guide, 2x
Love is the greatest
Faith over pride 2x

Come home to papi
U know i can't stop it
I'm just being honest
My love is relentless 2x


All i see is u fakin man, i get it when u sleep
All i hear is u talkin man, u sow den u will reap
All i know is i'm bout my grind, 7 days a week,
Monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday sunday

Took my dream to the paint, the momentum’s insane
I don't go to the bank, invest it back in my name
Only God who i thank, He control the whole game
Turning sinners to saints, keep an eye out for cain

Ain't no co signs, they don't really wana see you winning
Count on no man cuz i learned no one really care how u livin
Gotta watch out for the snakes yea they always out there skimmin’
I'm a stand up guy, so i always wana up my giving

Can't believe the skeptics saying they don't see it
Can't expect the blind to see, so don't get heated
All the salty comments, one day they gone eat it
It's just motivation, never been defeated

I been reaching out to the homies, but nobody wana work with me
At a teen i was a roadie, now checks come from my melodies
I don't take the credit, always point em up
See me nappy dread, on a mission for the love

Oh, on a mission everyday to
Go, level up when u feel low
Just know, They don't love you till you blow
Just know, it's never been an easy road



They just wana push u so u do something illegal
Keep a small circle but I know a couple people.
Always keep an eye out even if they call u migo
Waitin’ on that day... when we’ll fly with wings of eagles

If u know me then u know that i'm bout it
Anything for the love i'm bout it
They don't have to see it they can doubt it
Patiently waiting see the cloud split

Dont u play with me and don't test me, I'm too blessed man to be stressed G
Only one that made the blind see, uh yea and now i see
Got a big problem, it's messy, gotta look up when u guessing
Don't sit down, no resting, No no no no resting

Been here once, maybe been here twice, Sky hi said better get dat right
Time is now don't miss the flight, man dont miss the flight
Don't miss out better get your slice, all on da line like a title fight
Stand up tall, cuz no one play nice

Let go, crazy how i feel i'm bout to blow
Then the next day i feeling low
Ups and down are killing me real slow
Let go,,

I put my everything on the line, i'll give my everything till i die
Ain't got nothing to lose, i hit rock bottom and gave my life
I'm living my life i got a purpose, gotta bring hope to those in need
Everybody got a story, i'm gunna point you to my king

They hittin my d.m. all the time, that’s why i'm just tryin to understand
Why he’d use me in this way cuz i'm a undeserving man
But i guess u feel my pain that's why we kin that's why we fam
We gone need each other in these day, they trying to take our land


You deserve a round of applause, I'll do anything, like u my boss
You don't have to try u got the sauce, everything comes natural
Yea everything come natural
You don't even know what u even got, u sittin on that, sittin on the number one spot
Everytime you go i'm feeling lost, I miss ya babe i miss ya babe

You and me forever be my lady
Always down to ride, when it get crazy
I’m fallin for you, fallin for you lately
Can i get a round of applause for my baby,
Can i get a round of applause yea

You're my everything yea...You're my everything yea…
Need you in my life, babe forever be my wife like

Ups and downs they gone come, swear i swear i'm down, i fight for this real love
You don’t have to wonder, if i love or if i don't,
It's so obvious, cuz actions flow through what i wrote, comin from my heart
Cuttin off all the lames, know u gone do the same, everything out the way, ima always pray
Broken heart many times, now i see the light, don't know why i was blind, now i see the light
Ohh,, got my heart racing fast like i'm on
Blow,, i just wana scoop u up so we can
Go,, all around the world, so i can let em know

If you wana see me come here
You know love will always takes away fear
Take my heart away if you want it
Oh baby
My heart is yours if you want it


Don't know how i could be blind
Right in front to of me the whole time
Had to lose your love in my life
Can't even reach ya on the phone line

Ok the pain of loss is real now
Im driving past your work and praying when i'm really feeling down
I never see your car no more, i wonder if you’re missing me
I'm talking less and listening

Trying to gather, gather all my thoughts
Tell u everything i love about you there’s a lot
I always held it back but now i gotta to let ya know
I know that talk is cheap so i'd rather let it show

I ain't ever had nobody, love me, love me like u

There's only one that softens
A heart of stone just like mine
I think that you’ve forgotten
That nothing ever comes on our time

Ok the pain of loss is real now
Im texting everyday and calling, got my head spinning round
I really wish you’d hit me back, i know you don't believe i changed
I promise that i'm not the same

I see it all, seeing all your worth
Keep on writing songs about u, do u see my work
Half this album bout u babe i gotta let u know
I know that talk is cheap so i'd rather let it show